Retaining Walls, Free-Standing Walls & Gated Entrances

There are many different types of walls in terms of design, construction and purpose. In this particular aspect of our work we are primarily looking at external walls designed for use as boundaries, retainers and those associated with gates.

Retaining Walls

A curved retaining wall provides an interesting look whilst being ideal for the requirement

Drystone walls are the best way to retain a bank because they don't rot, crack or suffer moisture damage. The way they're constructed allows them to absorb any movement or subsidence and still retain their beauty and character after many decades. When properly designed and constructed they allow moisture to pass right through them. They are longer lasting than most alternative types and comparable in price to many other retaining wall constructions. They can be built with local materials as any stone can be used.

Free-Standing Drystone Walls

Dry stone walls don't require footings and are able to cope with reactive soils and will outlast other fencing when built correctly.

These walls can also make great retaining walls or fences. They do require footings but allow us to build pillars for entrance ways, tall garden screening walls and can allow interesting mixing of rubble stone, brick and cut stone. With good design stone walls can create great entertaining areas, they can be used to level steep slopes and look great in any garden

Mortared Rubble or Cut Stone Walls

We have worked with all kinds of stone such as sandstone, granite, basalt, trackite, shale and from huge stone boulder walls to book-leaf walls.

Examples of the various types and styles of walls we've constructed can be viewed in our Drystone Walls photo gallery.

Gated Entrances

Gated entrance with stone pillars and wall designed and constructed by J&J Stonewall Constructions

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